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Wild Game Processing

      Earl's Meats will process your harvested deer, cut all boneless. All the standard cuts, packaged, and quick frozen. Your Michigan harvested carcass can be dropped off at our facilities for processing any time during regular business hours (see below for requirements for out of state deer), we charge a flat fee for standard cutting. Custom smoking options are available for an additional charge. Beef suet or pork fat can be added to your ground venison, for a nominal fee as well. We also process deer parts, we charge a price per pound fee for partial deer.

  Specialty items

  • Fresh brats
  • Breakfast sausage

  Smoked Specialty items

  • Muscle jerky (regular and BBQ)
  • Snack sticks (regular, hot and BBQ)
  • Summer sausage (regular and jalapeno)
  • Hard Salami
  • Venison Bacon

     We also accept elk, moose, buffalo, bear, feral hog, caribou, we've even processed emu. We take all kinds. Each animal will be cut and packaged to your specifications, and quick frozen for you to pick up.

    Some deer, elk, and other cervids as well as some other wild game from other states cannot be brought into Michigan with the bones and nervous system still present. CWD and other diseases have forced the DNR to restrict importing wild game. Please check the current DNR regulations if you plan on bringing an animal shot outside of Michigan in for processing to make sure you are in compliance with the law. The bones and nervous system (brain, eyes, spinal cord, tonsils, etc.) must be removed from certain out of state species. Prions (infectious proteins) are concentrated in the bones and nervous system, and those items are not allowed to be brought into the state of Michigan from states that have CWD or other disease problems.

CWD information:

     Earl's meats reserves the right and to deny the acceptance of a deer if we believe that the deer was taken illegally, is tagged wrong, poses a heath risk, or for any reason is seen as unfit for us to process.