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     Earl's Meats can supply roasting hogs for whatever size gathering you are planing. All hogs provided by Earl's Meat's are processed at DeVries Meats, Inc. The butchering done at DeVries is done under inspection by the United States Department of Agriculture. This guarantees that the product we are supplying you is clean and safe.

     When cooking your hog the internal temperature needs to reach 180 degrees fahrenheit. It is recommended that you use a meat thermometer in the front shoulder and the back ham of the hog, but make sure the probe is not touching the bone. Roasting a hog is a very long process, it can take up to 12-14 hours to reach the required internal temperature. Unfortunately you cannot hurry the roasting of a hog, higher temperatures will only dry out the meat and increase risk of fire. It is much easier to have the cooking done before hand and then keep the hog warm until it is time to carve it.

     Some things you will need when carving your hog:

  • You will need some man power to help with he carving, at least one or two additional people.

  • A clean work surface to carve on

  • Plastic or metal trash barrel for hot scraps

  • Heat gloves or oven mitts

  • Plastic gloves for sanitary practices

  • Knives and roasting pans

  • An Apron
  • Ice water for cooling your hands during the carving process

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Hog Roast Q & A

Q: What size hog do I need to purchase?

A: We plan approximately 1lb. of meat per person from a whole hog, but this can be affected by many variables. If you are in doubt stop in to our shop, or give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

Q: How do I rent a roaster?

A: If you are going to do the party yourself you can come to Earl's to pick up a roaster. Please call ahead to reserve a roaster, since we have limited numbers available. You will need to pickup the roaster during regular business hours, and you will need a 1 7/8" ball for your vehicle.

Q: Do I need to clean the roaster before I bring it back?

A: No, we will clean the roaster. We do, however, ask that you bring it back in a timely manner. If the roaster is rented for a weekend event, we ask that it is returned by the next Monday, or within 3 days of being picked up.

​Q: How do I keep my hog cold?

A: If you need to pick up your hog in advance and need to keep it cold, we suggest wraping it in a couple of old blankets to hold the cold in. If the weather is extra warm, pack some bags of ice into the stomach cavity of the hog.