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Our Custom Slaughtering Schedule for 2021 is filling up fast!  We do not have ANY available dates to harvest beef available at this time.  If you need pigs, lambs, or goats harvested give us a call TODAY!

Custom Slaughtering and Butchering

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    Earl's Meats provides a unique and necessary service through our custom slaughtering.  It is imperative for the animals to be calm and free of any anxiety when they are butchered for meat. "Stress hormones affect the acid levels, which affect the meat to the point in some cases where it's inedible." Jon McConaughy's Double Brook Farm in Hopewell, N.J.

     Custom, on the farm slaughtering, is provided by Earl's Meats with our mobile slaughtering truck. Jeff Bosch will come to your farm and slaughter your animal. This makes it much easier on the animal, keeping them from getting stressed through transportation and being in a strange place; we aim to be as humane in the slaughtering. Our slaughtering services cover almost any species of animal; beef and pork makes up the majority of our business; but we also process farm raised lambs, goats, and elk.  We are willing to take on any challenge you place before us. 

     Beef, and other large animals, will be quartered on site, and then brought to our facilities to dry age, typically for 14 days. After the aging process the meat will be cut and packaged to your specifications. Orders can be specified for the whole animal, or you can divide the animal into halves and quarters and place separate orders for each.

     Pork, lambs, goats, and other smaller animals are left whole returned to our meat shop for processing. Orders for smaller animals can be placed for either whole or halves. (Sorry, we don't cut smaller animal quarters.) Each individual animal is cut and packaged to your specifications. We also provide smoking, for your bacon, hams, chops, hocks, and any other requests that you may have.

     If you have any special requests, we will be glad to try and accommodate. Call anytime during our regular business hours to discuss setting up a slaughter date, Jeff is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays and dates are first come first served. If you would prefer to have your animal butchered through a slaughterhouse and then processed at Earl's Meats this is an option we are happy to discuss with you and help you arrange these services.

** Earl's Meats does not accept non-ambulatory disabled livestock. **

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