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     Earl's Meats has been family owned and operated since 2000. Earl and his sons; Jeff and Jerry work side by side in the shop, and on occasion you will find the other members of the family around helping out in any way they can. This is a family business in the truest sense of the word, working as a team to bring you the highest quality meats.

     Jerry Bosch, Earl's eldest son, assists Earl in the cutting of beef, pork, and lamb at the retail store. Jerry also does the mixing and seasoning of many of Earl's specialty sausage blends, as well as the variety of jerky, smoked and sold on site.

     Jeff Bosch, Earl's youngest son, spends the majority of his days on the mobile truck slaughtering hogs, beef, and lambs. He also helps out in the cutting room and in the retail store as his busy schedule allows.

     Laura Bosch, Earl's daughter and youngest child, works part time outside of the family business and 2 days a week at the shop managing the retail store. You will often find Laura behind the counter on a Saturday morning in order to allow the boys a day off.

     Cheryl Bosch, Earl's wife, is the bookkeeper for the business. She also works with customers on full service pig roasts and catering events.

     Earl Bosch, the owner of Earl's Meats, has been working in the meat industry since he was 15 years old, starting out in the meat department at Yff's Food Farm in Holland. Earl is in house most every day at Earl's Meats. He has a passion for bringing high quality meats to the Holland community and beyond at reasonable prices.

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